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Value maximization at each point along the value creation life cycle
Acquisition & Investment Phase
Buy Side
Disposal & Divestment Phase
Sell Side & Financing

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Enabled by the seniority and pedigree of our team we answer the most intricate questions
What is the Situation?
Where to go from here?
Understand and
Increase Optionality
How will things play out?
Inform Today’s
Decision Making

Biotech Restructuring

At Treehill Partners, we recognize the unique challenges currently encountered by the biotech sector.
As public equity markets have pivoted away from high-risk stocks, organizations across the biotech sector are experiencing a scarcity of funding.
This shift necessitates a strategic reconfiguration of product development priorities and activities – a process we refer to as biotech restructuring.
Understanding how essential this restructuring process is, we offer comprehensive guidance and expertise in this area.

Our Capabilities

Reassess product development pipelines, strategizing on resource allocation and the corporate development pathways arising therefrom.
Revisit operational models to align with financial realities and revised strategic priorities.
Preeminent corporate finance advice and execution to address biotech fundability and transactability challenges.
Evolve equity stories in a congruent yet transformative manner.
Plant seeds for growth and sustainable corporate evolution, developing novel business models for the biotech of tomorrow.
At Treehill Partners, we firmly believe in biotech’s potential and its necessity in solving some of the world’s most pressing health issues. In these challenging times for the sector, our commitment is to stand by your side, offering a personalized, hands-on approach to ensure your organization can sail these rough waters and emerge stronger on the other side.
To learn more about how Treehill Partners can help guide your biotech company through a successful restructuring process, contact us today.

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Client Situation
Treehill Mission
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Client Situation
Treehill Mission
Recommendations & Implementation
Client Situation
Treehill Mission
Recommendations & Implementation
Client Situation
Treehill Mission
Recommendations & Implementation

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We leverage our extensive network and access to identify novel transaction opportunities, unlock asset portfolios, as well as facilitate proprietary approaches.


Deep hands-on expertise and experience, deployed to deliver rapid actionable feedback that supports go/no-go decisions early.


Detailed technical capabilities, put to work towards insightful diligence and feasibility analysis.


Experienced senior team, executing flawlessly whilst predicting dynamics and surfacing any choke points.


Holistic perspective, leveraged into value-maximizing strategies and actionable alternatives.


Leadership track record, deployed to support cohesive real-world implementation.


Efficient proprietary tools, put to work to identify opportunities and surface gaps.


Negotiation expertise, driving refocus of strategies and activities.


Understanding of both sides of the table, leveraged into defining the path towards an optimal transaction and devising of a value realization strategy.


Deep transaction expertise, deployed to iron out critical success factors and establish consistency between asset base, sales messages, and transaction process.


Commitment to detailed insight, put to work to understand the specific triggers per counterparty and individualized approaches.