We combine multi-disciplinary perspectives to determine the full potential of an asset, any gaps, and pathways to their resolution.

Client Profile

Whether large or small, many of our clients live in a “matrix”. A matrix organisation is a structure in which there is more than one line of reporting managers. The matrix organisation structure is complex but helps in achieving the theoretical goal, i.e. reaching higher productivity. It has various benefits and is used in organisations which have diverse product lines and services. However, both the matrix and the division of labour into business units often leads to siloed responsibilities, and worse, isolated perspectives.  Increasingly the industry needs to actively force itself to engage into multi-disciplinary dialogue. Our clients are keen to obtain a truthful assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of individual or all assets in their portfolio from a complementary set of relevant perspectives. They wish to holistically understand current value, and potential. They seek for strategies to close identified gaps and look to us to devise and oversee implementation pathways.

Service Offering

We provide a clear aggregation of the attractiveness of each core element along the value chain of an asset or portfolio, with actionable items for leaders and responsible owners to achieve a higher state of asset value internally (irrespective of associated business development activity), or prior to a transaction.

We identify opportunities for further investment or risk-mitigation, captured through a holistic lens, and structured in a manner that translates to what will be important for future value generation and to potential buyers.

Combining multi-disciplinary perspectives

Various disciplines have their unique perspectives on an asset, portfolio or business that each contribute to the collective set of value drivers. Our process of perspective aggregation combines layers of scientific, medical, regulatory, commercial and product development dimensions framed by our team of experts. Our project teams develop a deep understanding of these different vantage points for our clients. Diversity in thinking is the best path to doing the right thing – we work diligently to look for collective insights that often are not gathered in practice.

Determining the full potential

We break down the silos that often exist between these facets and magnify how each individually and collectively impacts the value of the perimeter under review. This allows us to perform scenario modelling for our clients on how each constituent (in combination and or with permutations) may or may not lead to an uplift in value. We then triage our conclusions with the views of our clients. In agreement with our clients, we may go as far as including independent third parties (e.g. suppliers, partners, even potential transaction counterparties). This triangulation of perspectives creates an inclusive understanding of how various stakeholders perceive both the current state and outlook.Importantly, it highlights potential for value creation.

Holistic Gap Analysis

Based on the above assessment of an asset’s or business’s full potential, we create a holistic gap analysis that identifies clearly and meticulously the status-quo along an extensive set of value drivers, and how it correlates to value maximization. We then help our clients devise strategies and implementation pathways to resolve the identified gaps.

Sellers sell for various reasons. Some may have changed their strategy and no longer view a certain asset or therapeutic portfolio as “core”.  Some may be looking to leverage a successful milestone achieved and want to monetize the results. Irrespective of the reason for a sale, sellers often wish to consummate a transaction “as-is” without making further investment. Our gap analyses provide an understanding of how the status quo of transaction readiness could be enhanced to cater to buyers’ needs, likewise adding to value and certainty. By understanding the perspective of transaction counterparties (buyers and investors), we can parse out areas where barriers to progress may arise, and to then run scenarios as to how potential perceived gaps can be closed prior to a transaction. We find the right balance between the desire of a vendor to sell at a set point in time, and the requirements of buyers to perceive the transaction perimeter as a “must have” opportunity. Tactically, we do this by posing as a tier 1 buyer, listening to the current management presentation, reviewing data and information while looking for gaps. We collate individual variables to find out what are the key drivers of value based on the quality of the asset today. Through this insight-driven review, we bridge opinions and beliefs, highlight areas of strength and areas that could lead to additional value creation, and find common ground on areas to improve attractiveness. This approach, depending on the results, may even lead to a re-evaluation of a previously envisaged transaction process. When this happens, we know we have helped our client steer clear from a potentially unsuccessful transaction.

The result 

A clear aggregation of the attractiveness of each core element of an asset or portfolio along the value chain, with actionable items for leaders and responsible owners to address to move forward towards a higher state of transaction readiness. 

Unique Value Proposition

We create differentiated outcomes for clients through the following:

  • Structure. We break down silos of thought that hinder value creation. We facilitate cross-functional dialogue and open a forum to ask interdisciplinary questions.
  • Honesty. Open-minded strengths and weaknesses assessment from multiple perspectives.
  • Relativity. Magnification of what drives value, barriers to progress, and solutions to close gaps.
  • Confidence. “Seeing the panorama” through a triangulation of multiple, cross-functional perspectives comprising all functions – framed by our team of expertsto create an accurate view. We highlight similarities, differences and potentially conflicting objectives and priorities in an open-minded way, which pinpoints areas for our clients to address. We aid executive decision-making and help avoid overlooking critical gaps.

The Treehill Difference

  • Multi-dimensional. Seasoned senior team many of whom have held multiple functional roles across the value chain in the healthcare sector broadly. We synthesize expertise including the scientific underpinning of assets, the medical relevance of the problem that is meant to be solved, the commercial value of the proposition, product development requirements, as well as operational and transactional perspectives on the aggregate of these. Together, as a team, we have honed our approach in a holistic manner, considering the perspectives that individually and collectively impact the value of an asset.
  • Hands-On Experience. We have worked on multi-disciplinary assignments for a variety of clients and are able to leverage pattern recognition and best practices into our work.
  • Ability to Synthesize. Being strategic thinkers at the core, we can see and predict value creation opportunities as well as potential traps.
  • Independent. We remain honest throughout and can work in various setups that are reflective of the particularities of each client.

Regional Focus

Our clients predominantly reside in the United States, followed closely by clients from Europe. We also perform services for clients from other geographies who often look for gap analyses in relation to entering the US or EU markets.

How Do We Measure Success?

We measure success through the value we help our clients create. Through insight-driven reviews, bridging opinions and beliefs, highlighting areas of strength and areas that lead to additional value creation, reaching common ground on areas to improve attractiveness.


We synthesize multi-dimensional views along the value chain on each core element of an asset or portfolio deriving actionable items for leaders and responsible owners.  This 2-minute survey will help us understand to what extent our Perspective Aggregation offering is right for you.    

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