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Biopharma Partnering: Dating Well Before Marriage Serves Its Purpose

Biopharma partnering: Dating well before marriage serves its purpose Partnership break-ups don’t cause even damage! For most emerging bio-pharma or medtech companies, establishing a development or commercialization partnership is a core component of their strategic plan, and, sealing the deal…

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Covid-19 Treatment Strategies

Widely-Available Corticosteroid Demonstrates Lower Mortality Rates for Some COVID-19 Patients Strategies to Tackle Covid-19 There are two predominantly emerging therapeutic strategies for the development of drugs to treat patients with COVID-19. The first is to target the virus (SARS-CoV2) itself.…

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All Great Changes are Preceded by Chaos.

Response to the Covid pandemic will hopefully cause lasting change. The world of healthcare has been turned upside down. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken healthcare systems across the globe to breaking point, with hospitalization rates never before seen and hundreds…