Trusted ambassador of shareholder value for leading investors.

Client Profile

Our clients are successful investment firms, responsible for a portfolio of companies and accountable towards their LPs. They look to us for intimate understanding and value oriented impact hands-on, making each of their investments a success.

Service Offering

Acting from the inside of companies, we support management while enhancing transparency for boards and investors, bridging the information gap. We provide periodical in-depth reports along set criteria which we help predefine together with management and investors. We devise strategic recommendations for value focused activities. We help resolve adverse dynamics constructively.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Transparency. We enable a full appreciation of how our clients’ investments are being managed. We bridge the information gap that often exists between the company and its investors.
  • Ability to act. Based on being accurately informed and well advised, our clients can make better decisions.
  • Optimization. Proactively address opportunities, value inflection points and potential value suppressants – again, enabled by being informed.
  • Execution. Solution oriented implementation.

The Treehill Difference

  • Negotiation ability. We are used to dealing with conflicting interests and delicate situations; which we manage for consensus on the objectives of our clients.
  • Multi-disciplinary competence. We have the backgrounds required to take a view on a broad variety of important value drivers, progress being made, as well as the internal and external individuals involved.
  • Comprehensive view. Our firm is built on the complementary capabilities of our team which are rooted in their scientific, medical, consulting, leadership, and financial expertise across the healthcare universe.
  • Sector expertise. We focus on those areas that matter, putting aside ancillary distractions of minor importance.

Regional Focus

We provide our Shareholder Support services equally to clients from the US and Europe.

How Do We Measure Success?

We are successful if we help clients safeguard the investments they have made, and eliminate unnecessary risks that could prevent success.


Acting from the inside of companies, we support management while enhancing transparency for boards and investors, bridging the information gap. We can provide board level reports alongside criteria and strategic recommendations for value-focused activities. This 2-minute survey will help us understand to what extent our Shareholder Representation offering is right for you.

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