Decision Maker Support

Peer-to-peer decision maker advisory, providing operational leverage and implementation capabilities.

Client Profile

Our clients are corporate and business unit leaders who look to us for peer-to-peer support in navigating the multi-facetted dynamics they are confronted with. Importantly, they look to us for hands-on support in arriving at, solicitating, concluding, and implementing a decision, in an environment where internal resources may be constrained.

Service Offering

We provide focused insightful advice around the clock to decision makers globally, and serve as arms and legs to put decisions into practice. We are sparring partners on strategic ideas, planning of negotiations, and mapping out of important interactions, and execution partners on the implementation.

At the core of our Decision Maker Support service, we manage cross functional relationships, people, timelines, information flow, and processes, each to enable true leadership to happen.

We provide this in direct support to the C-suite and other key decision makers.

We are not chief operating officers with a delimited set of responsibilities; nor do we act as assistants. We are senior management advisors, working with a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders, managing large pools of resource on behalf of their leaders for who we act and whose values we implement in day-to-day business. We do not make decisions for our clients, we enable them make better ones by providing support that allows them to focus.

We value openness and honesty, which we believe requires trust that usually develops over years of working closely together. Our business is built on long-term relationships to which we selectively add. We invest into growth and apply a compensation model where pricing in the future can be appropriately scaled for resources then employed.

Unique Value Proposition

We create differentiated outcomes for clients through the following:

  • Piece of mind. We render our clients an ability to focus on key decisions, while the rest is being dealt with by us.We help getting things done from the outside or internally, comprehensively and swiftly. Our clients see us as an extension of their selves, increasing operational leverage and providing implementation capabilities.
  • “Chief of staff”. We support our leadership clients in the various different areas of concern, from operations to third parties over board and investors. Our advice takes into account the various, potentially conflicting, dimensions of decisions and facilitates arriving at solutions that are holistically robust.
  • Experienced team. We deliver results. We work well coordinated, yet autonomous with very little “time investment” required from our clients.
  • Execution. “Real life” implementation by seasoned negotiators.
  • Confidentiality. We employ utmost confidentiality. There will be no leaks.

The Treehill Difference

  • Execution ability. We are able to execute on a plan and implement it in real life, assuming day-to-day responsibility for delivery acting as a delegate of the decision maker. We work seamlessly across hierarchy levels, bringing together the organisation of our clients effectively. We were not born as advisors –our team members have decades of hands-on operational expertise that educates how we see things today, and how we support shaping the future.
  • Excellent communication. We are effective communicators who excel at management of time, people and resource.
  • Turn-key comprehensive team. Our firm is built on the complementary capabilities of our team which are rooted in their scientific, medical, consulting, leadership, and financial expertise across the healthcare universe. We leverage this unique experience set into a comprehensive management of the project adhering to the critical path and involving relevant stakeholders.
  • Thinking ahead. We think strategically through the entire decision tree as a whole, as opposed to going sequentially from one node to the next.

Regional Focus

We provide the service to a broad range of firms and are not constrained by a company’s domicile.

Regional Focus

We are successful when our clients are successful implementing their core strategies in a forceful, cost effective manner under the envisaged timelines.


We provide focused insightful advice to decision-makers and serve as arms and legs to action decisions. We are thought partners on strategic ideas, negotiation planning, and work-planning across important workstreams, while also being available as execution partners on implementation. This 2-minute survey will help us understand to what extent our Decision-Maker Support offering is right for you.  

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