We facilitate strategic alliances and bespoke transactions that address each side’s business needs.

Client Profile

Our clients strike lasting partnerships, alliances, joint ventures and asset swaps to tap into new areas, to obtain or defend a pole position in a market, to complement capabilities in a synergistic manner, or to support the crystallization of asset value.

Service Offering

We support our clients in defining the targeted operating structure, the ideal transaction structure to achieve the objective, mapping potential partners or counterparties, and crafting an approach strategy. We support transaction execution and diligence, as well as negotiating valuation, governance and other transaction terms. Once a transaction is signed, we support the setting up of operations.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Insight. We equip our clients with clarity on optimal objectives for a structured transaction, an alignment of internal interests, and a delineation of potential compromises that may be required.
  • Creative imagination. We devise strategic concepts for transactions that reach beyond the constructs of ordinary solutions.
  • Strategic game plan. We contextualize the real-life “operationalization” of a contemplated transaction beyond just conceptual thinking at the drawing board. We bring to attention risks and red flags that may hinder value creation, and surface practical opportunities to boost value.
  • Implementation. Our focus is on setting the operations of our client up for success – as opposed to on closing the deal. We understand why many alliances fail, and help our clients succeed.
  • Practicability. Based on our own experience as company principals and investors, we look at transactions as a holistic strategic project and see beyond their financial implications. By doing so, we help our clients address structural, operational, performance, and governance issues before they arise.

The Treehill Difference

  • Strategic far-sight: We apply strategic far-sight that is rooted in corporate leadership and our transaction advisory experience. We see hurdles and potential issues early and enable our clients to address them proactively. Equally, we identify strategic opportunities early, enabling our clients to retain their competitive edge.
  • Hired principals. We leverage multi-disciplinary perspectives from our scientific, medical, consulting, leadership, and financial backgrounds across the healthcare universe into comprehensive advice on what is the most attractive transaction opportunity. We apply holistic thinking by “stepping into the shoes” of our clients and leave no aspect of a transaction unreviewed.
  • Intimate access. Leveraging our extensive network, we are able to identify those potential partners or counterparties that may have highest interest in the proposed transaction, and those who may provide highest value to a strategic partnership with our clients.
  • Focus on lasting value. Our experience enables us to focus on creating sustainable value. For strategic partnerships and alliances, we include a corporate culture point of view in our review and assessment. We further possess a unique network across various types of industry constituents, allowing to reflect on enablers and hurdles of value creation from a further extended range of vantage points.

Regional Focus

Our clients predominantly reside in the United States, followed closely by clients from Europe and Latin America. We also have a strong reach into Asia, with a focus on establishing local presences in China and helping Chinese players access Western markets


We help our clients strike lasting partnerships, alliances, joint ventures and asset swaps that tap into new areas, cement pole positions in key markets, complement capabilities in a synergistic manner, or support the crystallization of asset value.  This 2-minute survey will help us understand to what extent our Structure Transactions offering is right for you.  

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