We help IPO candidates in preparation for public-listings, and craft equity stories that position for primary and secondary issuances.

Client Profile

The public equity markets are deep for issuers from across the healthcare subsectors; however, a public listing can be all encompassing on leadership, operations, governance, and importantly the endeavours being financed. Our clients are those facing the step change transition in corporate development from a privately-held to a publicly-listed company. They look to us for support in the various work streams that are precursor to a public listing, as well as to the initial public offering (IPO) process as well. When (or once) listed, the equity story that our clients communicate to the markets requires continual focused attention and refinement, in-line with industry trends and company progress.

Service Offering

We define winning investment propositions. We conduct a bottom-up review of the underlying value proposition to maximize appeal of the “equity story” at time of listing, as well as allow for the value proposition to take into account both the evolution of the company over time and changes in market conditions.

For new issuers, we prepare company and team both for being publicly listed, as well as for embarking on an IPO process. We support the internal preparation, the creation of a compelling equity story, the selection of underwriters, issuer’s counsel, and other advisors, and the execution of the transaction. We take as much pressure off management as needed or required. For publicly traded companies, we devise strategic capital market communication, support sustainable equity positioning and orchestrate repositioning strategies. We provide 360-degree company analyses with a view to improve the equity story of our clients, drive share price and create company value.

We are not an investor relations firm that arranges series of capital market meetings; what we do is define the best value proposition that will generate the greatest investor attention.

We are not just timetable managers either. The management of the various advisers in an IPO and of market constituents is an art in order to ensure the company is best served, which is important in a bull market, and even more critical in choppy markets.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Control. Our clients maintain command of what could be a daunting process.
  • Positioning. We leverage multi-disciplinary perspectives from our scientific, medical, consulting, leadership, and financial backgrounds across the healthcare universe into advice on what is the most compelling equity story. The work product is not limited by superficial “banker-level” understanding of our clients’ assets, target indications, or sector dynamics.
  • Preparation. We enable IPO readiness from a strategic, business, and operational perspective, which is not within the scope of underwriters. We provide management teams with resource and expertise to deliver on the manifold asks they are confronted with.
  • Insights. We deliver valuable insight into the behavior and motivations of advisors, investors, boards, research analysts, and other market constituents involved in a public offering process. We manage the underwriting syndicate and surface any “games” being played.
  • Flexibility. Equip the company with a modular equity story that is able to evolve with the company, its industry, and capital markets.

The Treehill Difference

  • Sophisticated understanding. We bring together decades of multi-disciplinary experience which enables us to see businesses, markets and investment cycles from a more holistic standpoint.
  • Operating expertise. Our team members have decades of hands-on leadership expertise including the management of growth, transition and change. We know the subtleties behind the scenes and have been successful resolving them.
  • Long-term perspective. We apply a long-term perspective beyond the imminent equity transaction, with high value follow-on offerings in mind. Our clients would not be best served if they completed an IPO yet struggled to raise future funds.
  • “No games” policy. We work in close collaboration with all parties involved in the project, ensuring that all incentives remain aligned. We are versed in dealing with underwriters large and small, which we lever into impactful workstream management throughout an IPO process. We do not allow “games” to be played to the disadvantage of our client.

Regional Focus

We provide our advisory services to clients across the US, Europe, and established Asian capital markets. A focus is the preparation of NASDAQ listings and the strategic equity positioning of NASDAQ listed companies.


We define winning investment propositions.  For new issuers, we prepare both company and team for being publicly listed, as well as for embarking on an IPO process. For publicly traded companies, we devise strategic capital market communication and support equity re-positioning.   This 2-minute survey will help us understand to what extent our IPO / Capital Markets Advisory offering is right for you. 

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