We help small companies raise funds from sophisticated investors.

Client Profile

Our clients are looking to access various pockets of sophisticated capital, to leverage our relationships and insights into the various investor communities, and to obtain support in navigating the dynamics of a capital raising process as well as follow-on rounds. They are looking for an advisor that helps translate science and medicine to commercial value.

Service Offering

We prepare our clients and their leadership teams in a comprehensive manner to be ready for prime time with leading investors. We open doors and generate interest. We support diligence, maintain engagement, conduct negotiations, and drive syndication. We drive value creation by transaction outcomes that factor in each stakeholders’ needs.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Readiness. We insist on rigorous preparation that is educated by a holistic readiness assessment and implemented by addressing open items prior to approaching investors. We are thereby able to foresee likely investor hurdles and mitigate diligence concerns.
  • Positioning. During preparation, we derive alternative mock positionings of an equity story and define the optimal positioning of a value proposition reflective of the asset, the capital raising objectives, and investor universe.
  • Attention. We capture investor attention, generating strong interest in an offering with sophisticated players where it will stand out from hundreds of opportunities they get to see each year.
  • Success. We help identify and negotiate the optimal deal structure, including valuation, instrument, capital structure, shareholder rights, governance, and syndicate. We focus on raising capital for our clients at valuation levels that support the pathway to realizing their full potential.
  • Flexibility. Our full-service advisory capabilities allow us to assess strategic alternatives in parallel, such that each transaction type ultimately serves best the objectives of our clients.

The Treehill Difference

  • C-level track record. Having raised capital successfully for various companies, our team members were C-level management of, we know the ups-and-downs of the capital raising process. We help our clients navigate the process and stand by them throughout.
  • Proprietary access. We are not a middle man. We have deep relationships and insights into the various investor communities including from own fundraisings as principals. We know what it takes to get investors’ attention, and a transaction over the line.
  • Tailored approach. Our team members have complementary capabilities, rooted in scientific, medical, consulting, leadership, and financial expertise across the healthcare universe –which we leverage into bespoke investment stories that reflect the full potential of an asset.
  • Strong negotiations. We engage in an extended preparation phase, surfacing and addressing potential gating items upfront, so our clients can enter negotiations fully prepared. We think through transactions from the end backwards, where experience and skill help us foresee turning points and decision nodes.

Regional Focus

Capital allocated to private healthcare investments is largest in the United States, where a majority of our work is focused. We do however work with clients from other geographies and have a strong reach into sophisticated pockets of capital throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America


We access various pockets of sophisticated capital. We prepare your company and team in a comprehensive manner for prime time with leading investors. We open doors, generate interest, support diligence, maintain engagement, conduct negotiations, and drive syndication – yielding healthy valuations.  This 1-minute survey will help us assess where you are in your fundraising process and to what extent our Capital Raising Advisory could help. 

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