A capital and time efficient third-party source of clarity, opportunity, and added certainty.

Client Profile

Our clients are pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech and devices companies from small pre-revenue ventures to profitable global firms, their respective boards, and their investors, in their strive for being best positioned in a competitive environment, conducting development measures in a capital efficient manner, and achieving value creating inflection points quickly.

Service Offering

We conduct holistic asset reviews that provide our clients with regular third party expert perspectives on how their company or business unit is performing, and how it is positioned for the future. Our reviews are swift and in-depth. Our reports are structured, detailed and filled with actionable recommendations.

We facilitate our reviews through questionnaires that are answered by an agreed set of company representatives, guiding subsequent focused discussions on key areas identified.

We provide our findings in a comprehensive report and, if requested, a workshop presentation.

Unique ValueProposition

  • Comprehensive information. Our clients receive a cross-functional multi-disciplinary synthesis of value drivers, opportunities, barriers to progress, and options for action as pertaining to their business unit or company.
  • Ability to lead. We provide actionable workstreams and clear objectives that enable our clients to implement impactful efforts within their realms of responsibility.
  • Ability to focus. Understanding relative priority of items affecting value is essential in allocating resource effectively. Our clients are equipped with recommendations how to address important topics in the optimal sequence.
  • Ability to act. Based on being accurately informed and well advised, our clients can take value creating decisions, avoid value leakage, optimize timelines to value inflection, and take timely action when things are about to run off track.

The Treehill Difference

  • Complementary Capabilities. In our Health Check service, we bring together the complementary capabilities of our highly cohesive, yet diverse team, rooted in scientific, medical, consulting, leadership, and financial backgrounds across the healthcare universe.
  • Deep Experience. Our team has extensive experience in working with clients in a highly effective, value creating way that is focused on a comprehensive understanding of the company or business unit concerned and dynamics of the markets it is active in. Our collective experience allows to see situations from various angles and to reach conclusions that are not obvious.
  • Principal Perspective. We are trusted partners with a “hired principal” mentality. We intimately understand the assets we assist on, and have experience both as leaders and as advisors in dealing with complexity.
  • Honesty & Openness. Our clients entrust us with information on the core of their business. We return this with openness and transparency throughout, providing candid views that reflect thorough analyses and conclusions.

Regional Focus

We have three major hubs. Our work is predominantly focused on the US market, with significant activities in Europe and Latin America. We also have a strong reach into Asia.